Mommy! Mommy! Can We Go to the Dentist?

If you haven’t been to the dentist lately, you really should go check one out. With all of the new technology that is now available and all of the advancements that are being done in dentistry, going to the dentist is almost like going to a spa. Have you ever had a mouth that just […]

End of Year Benefits SAVINGS!!!

Now is the time to plan for the completion of your dental treatment before the end of the year.  All insurance plans have a yearly maximum.  If you do not use this maximum amount, the benefits are lost forever. If you have treatment to be completed or to be started, take advantage of your benefits this […]

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Bitcoin Dentistry

There is a prevailing thought out in the world that dentists are expensive. There is also a relatively new type of currency that is starting to take traction, a bitcoin. A Bitcoin is considered a cryptocurrency. If you don’t know what a bitcoin is or what cryptocurrency is, that’s ok, hardly anyone does. A bitcoin […]

Dentists Can Do That?

Dentistry has changed a lot over the years. It used to be you would only go to the dentist for a filling, root canal, or teeth pain. And, since the these visits were often less than pleasant to, folks didn’t go out of their way to go to the dentist. Thankfully fear is no longer […]

The Great Wall in Your Mouth

The definition of plaque is really very interesting as described by Wikipedia: Dental plaque is a biofilm, usually a pale yellow that develops naturally on the teeth. Like any biofilm, dental plaque is formed by colonizing bacteria . . . It has been speculated that plaque forms part of the defense systems of the host by […]

The Cleaning of the Teeth

The Cleaning of the Teeth (Part I) She told me to open my mouth, she started the exam, and, she was in there for about 30 seconds,. Suddenly, she started crying (this is a dental story there might be some exaggeration for point). My dental hygienist said that my teeth were not very happy; in […]

Soft Drinks…What Are the Dangers?

The popularity of soft drinks increases year after year, due in part to their sweet taste, and in part to the aggressive advertising campaigns run by soda companies. The amount of soda consumed by the average American every year is staggering – over 50 gallons per person. Soft drinks are a danger to oral health […]

Fill er’ Up!

Teeth wear down; they get abused by hard candies, sticky sugary snacks, and other items that can cause decay or cracks. Many people are under the false assumption that only children get cavities. Unfortunately like all machines, when our body and mouth get on in age, they naturally will be in need of repairs. If […]

Salem Dentist Launches New Dental Practice Website

Salem, Oregon – The dentists and staff from SofTouch Family dental are happy to announce the launch of the practices new website, The Website is designed to make it easier for patients to learn about the dental services offered by SofTouch as well as to inform people of the many ways to take care […]