Teeth Whitening

affordable professional take home whitening available.

Remove Free Bleaching kit to affordable professional take home whitening available. Opal Essence Whitening take home kit is $75. In addition we offer Whitening for life program. Call now to ask about Whitening for Life!


Professional Teeth Whitening

Your lifestyle and food choices affect your teeth. Red wine, coffee, tomatoes, and tobacco products cause the enamel to turn yellow with surface stains. Teeth whitening is a simple way to quickly and easily transform your smile and your physical appearance. Teeth whitening procedures with your dentist use high quality bleaching agents to brighten your smile efficiently and effectively. Compared to commercially available products, professional whitening ensures superior results, safer treatments, and less gum and tooth sensitivity.

Look younger with a brighter smile! Schedule a consultation to learn more about teeth whitening in Florissant, MO. The team at Soft Touch Dental offers comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.