Teeth Whitening in Florissant, MO

Teeth whitening in Florissant, MO

Enjoy whiter teeth with Soft Touch Dental

Soft Touch Dental offers two teeth-whitening services in Florissant that makes it easier to achieve whiter teeth. These services include:

  • Opal Essence Whitening Home Kit
  • Whitening For Life Program

Can’t decide? We can help!

Professional Teeth Whitening in Florissant, MO

Your lifestyle and food choices have a great impact on your oral health. Red wine, coffee, tomatoes, and tobacco products contain tannins that turn your teeth yellow.

Teeth whitening treatments help remove these tannins and restore your white teeth. Whiter teeth with Soft Touch Dental help you:

  • Look more neat and clean
  • Improves your smile and physical appearance
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Secured about the safety of the treatments
  • Professionally-guided by delta experts

Look younger with a brighter smile at Soft Touch Dental. Schedule an appointment now and learn more about our teeth whitening services in Florissant.

Our dental team can’t wait to see your smile shine bright like a diamond. 

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