General Dentistry, Cleanings & Prevention

Your first visit to Soft Touch Dental, will include a thorough dental examination by the dentist in order to make a first evaluation. We will suggest a plan to prevent future issues in your oral health along with recommended check-ups that include:

  • Cleaning and teeth polishing
  • Gum evaluation and treatment
  • Oral cancer screening
  • X-rays
  • Explore existing dental work to determine current effectiveness or quality
  • Home care tips

Free Bleaching Kit

*A Comprehensive Exam must be completed to qualify.


General Dentistry for Oral Health

Optimal oral health requires a combined effort and a good relationship between the patient and the dental team. The patient follows proper oral hygiene habits at home and visits the dentist every six months, or as recommended, for routine care. General dental care focuses on protecting, diagnosing, and treating oral problems. Routine dental visits are a crucial part of protecting the health of your smile. These visits are precisely spaced to deep clean the teeth while also addressing potential problems before they have a chance to escalate. Let us help keep your smile healthy! Contact the team at Soft Touch Dental in Florissant, MO for comprehensive general dentistry services.