Top 5 Benefits of Our Teeth Whitening in Florissant, MO

Top 5 Benefits of Our Teeth Whitening in Florissant, MO

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Smiling – relaxing your eyebrow and jaw, slightly closing your eyes, and displaying your brilliant white teeth – is one of the easiest ways to show off your natural beauty. To keep your smile looking great, it’s important to keep your teeth looking bright and white. 

At Soft Touch Dental, we offer teeth whitening in Florissant and St. Louis County, MO to help you achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile. Let’s run through some benefits of teeth whitening, as well as a couple of fun facts you should know about teeth whitening.

Our Teeth Whitening Treatment in Florissant: What It Is & Some Facts

Teeth whitening is the bleaching of the teeth to create a whiter shade. The process can brighten your teeth by several shades, giving them a bright sparkling white color. With teeth whitening, you can improve your facial appearance and enhance your smile.

Our dentists in Florissant, Dr. Christopher Weber and Dr. Azaryas Mandefro, are teeth whitening experts and have decided to back up your teeth whitening knowledge with some fun facts: 

Teeth Whitening Does Not Damage Teeth

Contrary to what you may think, teeth whitening does not damage your tooth enamel so long as it’s performed appropriately. Our dentists have the training and experience necessary to provide a completely safe and professional teeth whitening process.

Teeth Are Porous

The skin is not the only thing with pores on your body; your teeth also have pores. These pores are microscopic and are responsible for discoloration when they get stained from foods and beverages. During teeth whitening, these pores open up, expelling the stains in them.

The Discovery of Teeth Whitening Was By Accident

Teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth. However, this was not the initial purpose of this chemical compound. Hydrogen peroxide was initially used to treat gum diseases. Along the way, its teeth whitening property was discovered.

Only Natural Teeth Can Be Whitened

Teeth whitening only works on natural teeth; you cannot change the color of your crowns, veneers, etc. Our Florissant dentists can provide you with adequate alternatives if you have dental crowns, implants, or veneers with matching colors to your existing teeth.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Benefits of Professional Teeth WhiteningGetting professional teeth whitening is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your teeth, giving you a great leap towards that bright, beautiful smile.

There are several benefits of professional teeth whitening. Let’s have a look at a few.

1. Improves Oral Health

Teeth whitening is more like a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer. Teeth whitening does not only bleach your teeth. The chemicals used in the process also help get rid of bacteria and gum diseases. It also helps eradicate tooth decay, improving your overall oral health.

2. Boost Your Confidence and Self Esteem

When you have sparkling white teeth and a bright smile, you tend to have boosted confidence and elevated esteem. With enhanced facial appearance, you get to go about your daily activities like a pro, keeping that beautiful smile on your face.

3. Cost-Effective

One of the benefits of our professional teeth whitening services is affordability and cost-effectiveness. You do not have to break the bank for our teeth whitening service.

We encourage you to visit our Florissant dental office for teeth whitening options at affordable costs. 

4. Quick Treatment

Teeth whitening does not require weeks, months, or years of treatment and sessions. You only need a session of about 1 to 2 hours of treatment. At our Florissant dental office, we offer quick teeth whitening treatment to help you improve your smile in no time.

5. Risk of Sensitivity Is Low

It is common to experience teeth sensitivity after a teeth whitening session. However, our professional teeth whitening services in Florissant and St. Louis County  poses little or no risk of sensitivity.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

If you have stained or discolored teeth, then you might be the perfect candidate for a teeth whitening session.

Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening? If you have healthy gums and healthy but stained teeth, then you should go for a teeth whitening treatment. However, if you have unhealthy gums and teeth, you can get them treated and restored, then proceed with your teeth whitening treatment.

Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening in Florissant and St. Louis County

Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening in Florissant and St. Louis CountyGetting your teeth sparkling white should be your top priority if you have stained and discolored teeth. There are different teeth whitening options you should consider.

We encourage you to visit our dentist office in Florissant to choose one of the two following teeth whitening options: 

  • Opal Essence Whitening Home Kit
  • Whitening For Life Program

At Soft Touch Dental, we provide
teeth whitening in Florissant and St. Louis County, MO to help you get a whiter and brighter smile. Our dental team provides effective and reliable teeth whitening that can help you restore the bright, sparkling, and white nature of your teeth. 

We invite you to contact our dentists to learn more about our teeth whitening procedure. Book an appointment with us today for safe and effective teeth whitening in St. Louis County and give yourself the bright smile you desire. Get the needed professional teeth whitening services in Florissant, MO.

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