Dental Implants in Florissant, MO

Dental implants in Florissant, MO

Dental implants are one of the best teeth-replacement solutions in Florissant that we offer at Soft Touch Dental. A dental implant is a permanent teeth-replacement solution that gives your teeth a natural look. It is an invasive dental treatment, and a patient must qualify on certain conditions to receive this treatment. 

How do dental implants work?

Your missing tooth root will be replaced by a titanium post implanted in your gums. Your bone cells will then attach themselves to the titanium post, allowing it to be part of your jaw. A cap-like crown will then be used to cover the titanium post that will give your teeth the natural look it used to have. 

Change your life by replacing your missing teeth with a permanent solution like dental implants. It’s not only natural-looking teeth replacements but also lasts for about 15 to 25 years with proper care. 

Get $100 off for a single implant

Achieve more natural-looking and beautiful teeth with a solution that will last for a decade. Invest in your smile and regain your confidence with dental implants.

Want more natural-looking teeth?

Interested in dental implants? Consult our dental experts

Dental implants require patients to have enough space in their gums and strong supporting bones around the missing teeth. To know if you’re qualified for a dental implant procedure, consult our dentists and ask for their advice. Since dental implants are an invasive treatment there are a lot of considerations that you need to meet.  

A comprehensive oral assessment will be the first step to help our team know if you’re qualified and the strategy for the dental implant treatment. If you are ready to take the first step for your first dental implant, schedule an appointment now.

Fill The Gap In Your Smile With Dental Implants

Dental implants are among the teeth-replacement solutions that you can try to build your smile. Its edge among other solutions like dentures lies in the following benefits:

Benefits of dental implants to your oral health

  • Helps provide a strong foundation for other dental treatments like bridges and partial dentures
  • Natural-looking teeth
  • Permanent solution for missing teeth
  • Restores the teeth functions such as eating, chewing, and speaking with ease
  • Prevents the progression of dental problems associated with missing teeth
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