Tips To Maintain Good Oral Health

Tips to maintain good oral health.

Good oral hygiene is significant to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It involves habits like brushing your teeth twice a day and having regular dental checkups with your dentist. However, oral health isn’t only about cavities and gum disease. According to the American Dental Association, there is a relationship between a person’s mouth and overall […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dental Implant

7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dental Implant

Dental care has seen tremendous improvement in recent years, yet millions still suffer from tooth loss. This is due mainly to poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, gum disease, or injury to the mouth. The only tooth replacement options available for replacing missing or damaged teeth were bridges and dentures for many years. But today, dental […]

Top 5 Treatments That Can Improve Your Dental Health In 2022

Treatments to improve your dental health in 2022

The initiative to improve your dental health in 2022 is a great way to begin the new year. A healthy tooth is important for your overall health and many people are seeking means to restore their looks and smiles. Having a good smile is a vital social asset to adults; it leaves an imprint in […]

Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire At The End Of 2021

Use your dental benefits before they expire at the end 2021.

Millions of individuals each year celebrate the New Year while leaving money on the table with regards to dental benefit plans. With reference to the National Association of Dental Plans, just 2.8% of individuals with PPO dental plans made maximum use of their annual dental plans. Many individuals utilize Flexible Spending Accounts, which aids in […]

What Are The Best Dentures To Get?

hat Are The Best Dentures To Get?

If you’re finally ready to have your new set of teeth, the next step is choosing the best dentures for you. Due to the abundance of options, it’s easy to get into choice paralysis and get stuck in the decision-making process. In this post, we will detail all the types of dentures to help you […]

How To Slow Down Bone Loss In Teeth

How To Slow Down Bone Loss In Teeth

Bone loss, or bone resorption, and bone regeneration are some of the amazing things that our bodies can normally do. However, due to tooth extraction, orthodontic adjustments, and diseases, our jawbones no longer receive stimulation for them to be reinforced which leads to bone loss. Learn how to slow down bone loss in teeth to […]

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Your dentist just spoke those dreaded words, “you need a root canal.” Now what? Your mind is probably racing and speeding to the idea of pain. The concept of root canal therapy is loaded with myths and misconceptions, particularly around pain. Continue reading to learn more about root canals as we answer the commonly asked […]

Types of Dental Cleanings and Why You Need Them

The simple truth is that not every dental cleaning is the same, and while a routine cleaning session with your dentist can be advantageous, you still have to understand the difference between the types of dental cleanings to know which one best suits you. When it comes to teeth cleaning, there are three major types, […]

How A Routine Professional Dental Cleaning Can Improve Your Smile

How A Routine Professional Dental Cleaning Can Improve Your Smile

When you think of oral hygiene, regular brushing and flossing usually come to mind. However, good oral hygiene goes beyond just brushing and flossing. As a matter of fact, to keep your smile healthy and strong, you need to go for a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year or even more based on […]

Tooth Extraction: The Do’s and Don’ts

Tooth Extraction: The Do's and Don'ts

What is tooth extraction?   Let’s face the fact, sometimes you just have to get your tooth pulled, which is not a big deal. The procedure of having your tooth pulled from its socket in the alveolar bone is called a tooth extraction. Also, the culprit for most forms of extraction, whether simple extraction or […]

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