What Are The Best Foods For Strong Teeth?

What Are The Best Foods For Strong Teeth?

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Strong teeth are the foundation of a healthy mouth. Aside from regular brushing and flossing, our diet has an immense impact on our oral health. Level up your oral care routine by adding teeth-friendly foods to your diet. 

You’ll be surprised how changing the way you eat for your dental health also contributes to your overall health. 

Best foods for strong teeth and healthy gums

Foods that are good for our teeth are either efficient in stimulating saliva, restoring minerals to our teeth, or serve as natural tooth scrapers. We are blessed with foods that can naturally protect our oral health from harmful bacteria and even whiten our teeth. 

We classified the following teeth-friendly foods based on their characteristics:

Saliva stimulants and natural tooth scrapers

Our saliva has an essential role in flushing food debris and protecting our teeth from disease-causing bacteria. Foods that are fibrous and require a lot of chewing stimulate our saliva that improves our oral health. These include:

  • Apples: Satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining your oral health with apples. Apples have a texture that stimulates your saliva, and it also helps prevent plaque buildup on your teeth. 
  • Carrots and celery: These two types of foods are nature’s toothbrush and floss. With the texture of celery and carrots, they serve as mild abrasives that help remove plaque. 
  • Green leafy vegetables: Crunchy vegetables make the best food for stimulating our salivary glands to produce more saliva. They are low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals that are also good for our overall health. 
  • Nuts: If you’re looking for a perfect snack for your teeth, nuts are good alternatives to combat dry mouth. They are a good source of calcium and protein that helps strengthen our teeth. Almonds and Brazil nuts are among the most nutrient-dense options that you can enjoy munching in between meals. 

Stain busters

Strawberries offer a delicious way to whiten your teeth. They contain malic acid that can help whiten your teeth. Fibrous fruits and vegetables also aid in removing surface stains on our teeth. 

Tooth builders

Our efforts in maintaining good oral hygiene are nothing without keeping our teeth strong and safe from the acid attacks of bacteria. To replenish lost minerals and prevent the wear and tear of your natural teeth, add the following foods for strong teeth to your diet:

  • Cheese, milk, and other dairy products: Dairy products are rich in calcium which is the building block of our teeth. They also contain phosphate that helps lower the acidity in our mouth. Cheese, in particular, contains casein which is a protein that strengthens the tooth enamel. 
  • Eggs, meat, fish, and other lean proteins: Protein-rich foods are also a good source of phosphorus which helps in the formation of our teeth and bones. 
  • Fluoride-rich foods: Fluoride is not only found in fluoridated water but also in the foods that we eat. Check the list of foods that are rich in fluoride here.

Gum protectors

Keeping our gum health in good shape ensures a strong defense against disease-causing bacteria. Foods and drinks that are rich in antibacterial properties include:

  • Citrus fruits and foods rich in vitamin C: Vitamin C strengthens our immune system and keeps your gums safe from the damaging attacks of bacteria. Foods that are rich in vitamin C include spinach, potatoes, broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes.
  • Green teas and black tea: In moderation, tea contains antibacterial properties that can help fight disease-causing bacteria in our mouth. 

Proper oral hygiene and a healthy diet is the hallmark of healthy teeth and gums. As a trusted dentist in Florissant, our team at Soft Touch Dental encourages our patients to also visit the dentist every six months. 

Regular oral exams and preventive care can help you maintain your oral health and prevent the early onset of any dental condition. Learn more about the status of your oral health by scheduling an appointment today.  

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