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It is estimated that 80% of adult Americans have a fear of the dentist. Though this fear decreases a little every year, it is still prevalent in 2013. The question people, dentists included, should concern themselves with is not whether they still have some fear about going to the dentist, but why aren’t at least 50% of Americans having aregular dental exam every six months?

Not having enough time and money are probably reasons one and two for not going to the dentist. Time was, is and will always be money; that is both the beauty and the beast of capitalism. The best way to address this particular issue is to imagine what will happen if after twenty years of not going to the dentist a sudden and very sharp pain overtakes the senses.

At this point all that can be done is an emergency dental visit, which will be expensive with both time and money. A regular checkup may have foretold of the impending pain. Lastly, in regards to time and money, many employers have or will be forced to have medical insurance by 2014; if one has dental coverage as part as their health coverage it is better to be checked out sooner rather than later.

Don’t let lack of dental insurance prevent you from a visit. We offer new patient specials and, work with patients that are without insurance. It’s estimated that over half the patients seeing a dentist regularly do not have insurance.

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