Dentists Can Do That?

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Dentistry has changed a lot over the years. It used to be you would only go to the dentist for a filling, root canal, or teeth pain. And, since the these visits were often less than pleasant to, folks didn’t go out of their way to go to the dentist. Thankfully fear is no longer an issue and dentists can now help you with things other than your teeth.

Dental fear is prevalent in many people, as it should be, since your mouth is very sensitive – and susceptible to pain. Plus, if someone is standing over you with a sharp tool going into you mouth – it can be a bit nerve racking.

Dentists can now help you deal with dental fear through oral sedation. Sedation medication focuses on anxiety rather than localized pain like anesthesia. The most commonly recognized drug for sedation is Valium. How sedation medication is administered is up to the dentist. (It could even be started the day before the procedure.) And, of course how much you may need or which medication is best for you, are reasons to consult your neighborhood dentist.

Now, let’s say that you are not anxious about visiting the dentist, you just don’t go because you have other things to worry about, like the fact you’re not sleeping, nor is your family, because the train that is your snore, keeps everyone awake.

Though snoring is not a 100% cause or sign that you may have sleep apnea – it may be.  There is a lot of information on sleep apnea available online and of course you should consult your dentist or physician if you are concerned you may have it. The point is, if you believe you have sleep apnea, your neighborhood dentist may be able to treat it.  Dentists can help with sleep apnea by making a splint for your mouth called a mandibular advancement splint.

Chances are, you or someone you know, is either anxious or suffering from sleep apnea. Once you have attained the proper medical advice and find that you may be suitable for either of the above procedures, make an appointment with your dentist, they would be happy to help you find the best course of action to take.

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