dental implantsIf you are looking to restore a tooth or group of teeth, dental implants are right for you. The root of the tooth or teeth will be replaced with a man-made version. Most of the time modern implants are placed into the bone. This way they function like your real teeth do.

The main reasons for dental implants are to support another fixture. This may include crowns, bridges or dentures. We have a whole gamut of special training for implant placement. We would be happy to show you before and after photos to display our work. We commit to fitting and placing implants with precision. Dental implants are a great way to restore function to your teeth. They will look and feel like real teeth, too!

Dental implants and crowns are meant to look and work like real teeth. To have your teeth looking the most natural, more visits may be needed. Fewer visits can be had for a less perfect look. Most of our patients find a balance in the middle. Our patients are always happy with their results, and you will be too.

Is your mouth ready for dental implants?

Dental implants require enough space and a strong support bone. To find out if you have what is needed, talk to the doc! If you discuss implants with your dentist, he will be looking for the right needs. Your doctor will exam for bone density and space for implants. To begin the implant process, a no-charge consult will come first. With that, X-rays will be taken. This is all to help your doctor plan your treatment schedule. He will go over details with you after that point.

Implants are about much more than just the look of your teeth. If you leave them as-is, your teeth will shift into spaces where teeth have gone. Also, your cracked teeth may crumble and rot. There are many ways that your mouth can be harmed by gaps or broken teeth. With shifting, your jaw will change its alignment. Your teeth will be harder to clean and stowed germs will cause further decay.

If you are looking for more info on implants, call us. We would be happy to answer any question you may have.