dentist“My teeth are fine, they don’t hurt. . .a lot!” “I don’t need to go the dentist.” “Besides, even if I had the time, I know I don’t have the money.” “And, if I had both the time and the money, why would I pay somebody to hurt me, I’m not like that.” “I’m not afraid I simply… my teeth don’t hurt!”

Twenty years ago the above statements wouldn’t be surprising to most dentists. They’ve heard them all. What is surprising is that even today these same statements reverberate in the halls of toothdom . Today, even with sedation dentistry, smaller more precise dental instruments, and anesthesia, people are still reluctant to go a dentist.  Of course some of that reluctance stems from the FOC factor (fear of cost).  Today there is very little reason not to see a dentist. Of all the above misgivings, the FOC factor is probably the biggest. But, oral health is not something that should be sidelined due to misgivings – it’s that important.

Let’s address the elephant on this page. Fear of cost is very real for a lot of folks, though this country has the best health care on the planet – it’s also the most expensive. However, FOC brings up multiple silver linings. First, consider the ROI (return on investment). If you can have healthy, comfortable, good-looking teeth – what is that worth? Also, in terms of real cost, getting dental work done is really not that expensive. Lastly, if you need a big dental procedure done you can finance it. P.S. if you have to choose whether to finance a new car or oral care – this article isn’t for you.

Now that the FOC elephant is put back in its cage, let’s talk about the other “reasons” people don’t go to the dentist. Pain! At this point in our history dental pain is all but imaginary. Have you been to a dental office recently? The dental tools are microscopic (not really but they are very small). Some dentists even use lasers.  If smaller instruments aren’t enough, there is always anesthetic and if that’s not enough there is sedation and music (most dentists have digital music you can listen to while work is being done on your teeth).

What will hurt is if you keep putting of regular dental visits until the pain is unbearable. Dentists are doctors and like any doctor, they need to be seen regularly.  Take care of your teeth, so that they can take care of you!

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What condition is your mouth in? We hope it’s 100 percent healthy! But if you’re like most people, you’ll probably suffer from at least one dental condition at some point in your life. Dental conditions cover a wide range of mouth problems, from cavities to gum disease to jaw abnormalities. Some dental conditions are preventable, some aren’t. But the more you know about dental conditions, the better chances you have of preventing them — or at the very least, correcting them early.

With so many types of dental conditions that can affect your life, it’s natural that you’d want to know more. If you suffer from tooth decay, gingivitis or any other dental condition, we can help you understand your symptoms and explore your treatment options. No matter what type of dental condition you’re curious about, we have the information you need to help you maintain a healthy smile.

Keep in mind that if you think you have a dental condition, it’s important not to self-diagnose. Only a dentist can determine what type of dental condition you have — and only a dentist can give you the right dental treatments! If you’re prone to putting off treatment, remember: Without treatment, dental conditions can become a painful problem. Dental conditions happen to the best of us, so click on the appropriate link to learn more about what’s plaguing your mouth. Staying informed can help put you on the right track to optimal dental health!

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Every day, the importance of oral care becomes more and more prevalent. If your eyes are the gateway to your soul, your teeth are the gateway to the health of your body.

Every day, that gateway becomes more and more clear; things like periodontal disease and gingivitis can be hints of something more sinister going on your body. However, this article is not about why you should go to the dentist – hopefully you already know that. This article is to give some helpful hints at picking the right dentist, once you decide you need one.

There are probably more dental offices than Starbucks or McDonalds, and more and more sprout up every day. There are chains, groups of dentists and solo dentists.  (If you don’t already have a dentist you go to regularly, you can of course consult your phone book or conduct an Internet search).

However, for me personally, I like to do the research on my own, check out the offices and the people working there – shopping, basically. Of course, before I go shopping I like to ask people I trust, for example: what their favorite red wine is, or a good vegetable to go with pork chops, even if they saw a particular movie and liked it. There is so much of everything out there, if you shop blindly, you could end up becoming blind with too many choices.

Chances are, unless you live in a town with one stop sign, you have many dentists to choose from. Ask your friends and family if they have a dentist they trust and like.

Getting a referral from your friend or family may be all you need. If so, perfect, make that appointment. But what if you asked three people and each of those three people gave you a different name?  This is where the shopping comes in. Visit each of the three places (I would recommend not visiting more than 5 – otherwise you’ll be blinded by choices).

When you visit your prospective dentist, it’s a simple personality test. Prices will be different but not different enough to influence your choice of whom you get along best with.  Is their team friendly? Is their waiting room clean and orderly? If you enter an office and can’t tell in the first 1 minute if you like it, move on to the next one.  Keep in mind this personality test is between you, the dentist, the team or staff, and the office space; a score of 95% or less is an F. Of course there are some dentists who may not specialize in what you need done.

It’s time for our candy corn contest! Get an extra entry for every appointment. Guesses can be submitted online (on our Facebook post). Share the post on Facebook for an extra entry! Winner will be announced on Facebook and will win a $25 gift card!

candy corn contest

Who doesn’t love candy at Halloween? If your kids are like mine, they’re going to come home from trick-or-treating with tons of candy. Sugary candy can lead to tooth decay, but following these simple steps can help you and your children have a fun Halloween without the nightmare of harming their teeth in the process.

  1. Don’t let your kids gorge on Halloween candy all night. Teaching your kids moderation on Halloween is important.
  2. Monitor that your children are brushing their teeth two-to-three times-a-day.
  3. Make sure that your children use an age-appropriate fluoridated mouthwash every evening.
  4. Have extra disposable dental flosses laying all over the house. You’d be amazed at what kids will do when their bored.
  5. Avoid or limit candy such as caramels, candy corn, jelly beans, and taffy. These particular candies are extra sticky, making it hard for saliva to wash away the sugar. And they can damage sealants.
  6. Give your kids sugar free gum to chew. Not only does sugar-free gum help prevent cavities, it also helps neutralize the effects of sugar from the candy. Therefore, it combats the bacteria in plaque that causes cavities.

Halloween is a fun holiday and you shouldn’t have to worry about things like tooth decay. By practicing good oral hygiene and using moderation, your kids can have a fun and safe Halloween and still enjoy the candy!

Tooth Decay To Be A Thing Of The Past Enzyme Responsible For Dental Plaque Sticking To Teeth DecipheredThe definition of plaque is really very interesting as described by Wikipedia:

Dental plaque is a biofilm, usually a pale yellow that develops naturally on the teeth. Like any biofilm, dental plaque is formed by colonizing bacteria . . . It has been speculated that plaque forms part of the defense systems of the host by helping to prevent colonization of microorganisms that may be pathogenic.

It is not a huge leap to compare plaque to the Great Wall of China. The building of plaque never ceases and the Great Wall took centuries to build and it’s still not complete. The Great Wall was built to keep attackers out while at the same time keeping people in. The Great Wall of China can be seen from space; if you have a lot of plaque build-up, it can be seen pretty easily, too.

If we heed only Wikipedia’s definition above, one might wonder what is so bad about plaque.  The above definition is only a partial one and there are many more resources available online or at your local dental office that will point out the drawbacks of plaque. While building up its defenses the same material that protects erodes the enamel of the teeth.  Of course the erosion does not take place over night. And, neither will the “take down.”

Like the Great Wall, plaque is very formidable. Both will never be totally deconstructed however, the Great Wall is maintained and cleaned for its millions of visitors. Plaque helps protect against billions of visitors, too  (microorganisms). However, if you do not keep the plaque at bay (it occurs naturally, and can not be cleaned 100% away) it will destroy your teeth.

So, get into see your dentist, help them help you control plaque. Ask your dentist if the recommended twice-yearly cleaning is all you need, or, if there are other issues to deal with like periodontal disease or gingivitis.  Remember your dentist is the expert and they love helping people get the oral care they should have; it’s what they do!


Image Used under Creative Commons license. Photo Credit: Tooth Decay To Be A Thing Of The Past? Enzyme Responsible For Dental Plaque Sticking To Teeth Deciphered


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